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More About The Kitchen Ninjas

Offering over 22 years  of Executive and Sous Chef experience in the food industry. I tend to focused on high standards for Taste, Quality, and Exceptionally Delicious meals that are sure to please. 

The name The Kitchen Ninja was deemed to me by a fellow associate of mine Chef Aron, the Executive chef at Oxford Exchange in Tampa Florida in 2012. I was the Sous Chef at the time along with with Chef Richard Anderson. It was always very busy from 7 a.m to around 6 p.m EVERYDAY.. I was always moving between positions very quickly from Expo, to platting, to dictating the flow of the kitchen, and directing the staff. My superiors were so pleased with my attention to details while gracefully moving about in the kitchen, that they felt the need to gift me with the name "The Kitchen Ninja". I've always been great under major pressure G.U.M.P., so I felt the name suited me well. The Kitchen Ninjas LLC is a family owned and operated business that specializes in Grazing Table Arrangements, Event Catering, and Private Chef options with flare and always with a element of surprise. 

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